timetable: Aer Lingus, summer schedule

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  <a href="https://collection.sfomuseum.org/objects/1511940037/"><img src="https://static.sfomuseum.org/media/152/783/238/7/1527832387_kndzvK4axIFqu2HM6IpI4X3klINIVtax_z.jpg" alt="timetable: Aer Lingus, Summer edition"></a>
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    <div><strong>Timetable: Aer Lingus, summer schedule</strong> 1980<div>
    <div>Gift of the William Hough Collection<div>
    <div>Collection of SFO Museum <a href="https://collection.sfomuseum.org/objects/1511940037/">2009.122.001</a><div>
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